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Hyronic Survival

Hyronic Survival

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Born out of a desire to create a powerful and innovative solution to the Survival game mode, Hyronic Survival offers a fresh and creative approach to Minecraft's original way of playing, spiced with a lot of extra features, revamps and more progressions.


Hyronic Survival, with over 200 hours of development, balancing and brainstorming, is bundled with:

  • Unique and innovative features: Custom Items (w/ custom sprites, abilities and stats), Player Stats, Skills, Codex, Bosses, Dungeons, and even more!
  • Longevity: Comes with frequent updates that bring balance changes, bug fixes and even ground-breaking features!
  • Easy to use: We want you to experience our setup to the fullest, thus Hyronic Survival comes with an installing manual and a well-documented guide (this!) to help you steamroll the process!
  • Supreme support: Hyronic Studio was built under the premise of providing our customers the best experience they can have. Any issues and problems will be resolved as soon as possible, just make sure to reach out to us (through Discord!)