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Welcome to Hyronic Docs

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Welcome to the Hyronic Studios Documentation. Here you will find documents about the studio's products, how to use them, tips and more. Let's discover Hyronic Studios Wiki.


Before you ask us any questions, make sure you have searched for information about it on this site. Use the search button on top right.

🧑‍💻 About the team:

We are a team consisting of 4 members from Vietnam (GMT+7), and some members serve as supporters from the U.S. Established in 2020, our goal is to provide users with high-quality products for Minecraft server development. As of now, we have been operating for 3 years and have over 1200+ customers.

The members of our studio include: Zheric

NameDiscord's UsernameRoles
Kien Huu DinhdustindinhFounder, Creator, P.M
Bao Tuan NguyenprisqCo-Founder, Creator
An Xuan Do48minhCo-Founder, Builder
darkcr0wthedarkcr0wProduct Supporter (Volunteer)

💎 What services do we provide?

Currently, we do not officially provide any services other than the pre-made products that are distributed on marketplaces such as BuiltByBit, Polymart, and SpigotMC. As for the products, we have a wide range of offerings, including plugins, setups, configurations, and maps.