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❓ Frequently asked questions

Here, we have compiled the frequently asked questions that we often receive, hoping that you can find additional useful information.

1. Do you accept Crypto as payment?

  • Yes, we accept Crypto as a payment method through the Binance platform.
  • Furthermore, before choosing the Crypto payment method, you can review the payment methods supported by BuiltByBit. They accept over 50 different methods, including Paypal, Credit Card, Visa, and more.

2. Are you open for commissions?

  • We do not officially take commissions. It depends on our schedule. Hyronic Studios primarily focuses on developing market products, so taking commissions is very limited.
  • You can specify your request to us if you'd like, and we will consider whether we can take that commission or not.

3. How can I verify my account after making a purchase?

Can I get a refund?

  • No

I didnt buy your resources, Im using leak but can you ...?

  • No