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Term of Service

To ensure the safety and interests of both parties (Customer and Hyronic Studios), all customers must agree to our Terms of Service. When you are considering making a purchase at a our marketplaces, read the T.O.S carefully to make sure that you understand the transaction requirements.


By buying our products, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions listed here. If you violate, we'll have the right to revoke your access to our products on marketplaces and our discord community.

The content of the TOS may be changed at any time without prior notice, so please notice

Product's T.O.S:

  1. All payments are final and non-refundable. Disputes / chargebacks are strictly prohibited.
  2. You are strictly prohibited from redistributing or reselling our any part of our products.
  3. Once purchased our product, you are granted a limited, non-exclusive license to use the purchased products for personal or commercial use in accordance with the license terms provided with each product.
  4. Your license is associated with your marketplaces account. We are unable to provide support or transfer license if you lose access to your account.
  5. The support is only available for features directly related to the product. We are not responsible for helping you add or develop new features.
  6. You may not make this product accessible to anyone who does not require access in order to work on the projects which this product is required for, and you will be held responsible if the product is shared outside of your project.
  7. You have the right to use the product after purchasing a license for commercial and personal purposes, with the following exceptions related to branding and visual identity components:
    • The use of the "Hyronic" name in any textual element on your server, product.
    • The exclusive product logo on marketplaces. If the product is a setup, its logo will be identical to the setup server logo.
    • The product's banner.

Discord's Rules:


Rules serves to maintain order in this server. Any attempts to violate them will result in warnings, mutes, kicks or bans. Rules are carried out by the staff team, on a case-by-case basis.

  1. We do not allow users to advertise their own products, services or servers, including in private messages. Do not use our server to spam or advertise to other Discord users.
  2. Respect everyone on the server, especially the staff team. Any hostile behaviors will be warned, and consequently punished.
  3. Leaking, reselling or retributing our products will get your licenses removed, your account banned from this server.
  4. We do not allow discussion of adult or NSFW content, and images / video containing NSFW material are prohibited.
  5. Product's support is only given to verified accounts. Verify yourself in ticket channel before ask for support
  6. Spamming or attacking the server under any form will result in an instant ban.
  7. Use common sense, no drama in here, please respect each other.